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SEO is an activity which improves the search rankings and visibility of your business on Google.

SMM is an online marketing and promotion activity achieved through social media websites/platforms to reach users and audiences.

Q.1) Please Select on which Social Media Channels would you like to promote your business ?






Creative Based

Creative refers to a visual graphic in the form of image or graphics to convey information related to your business online.

Q.2.a) How many Creative's(Images) need to be designed per month ?

Q.2.b) What is the format of Creatives ?

Image Based

Graphic Based

Q.2.c) What should be the frequency of Posts ?


Every Alternate Day




Q.2.d) Would you want our agency to manage your account for posting ?



Written Content

Q.3.a) How many Blogs are needed per month ?

A blog is a web log or an online document used for sharing or promoting information with users on the internet.

Q.3.b) How many Keywords need to be focussed on ?

Keywords are words or phrases used by people to search for specific information, products or services on the internet.

Q.3.c) Please Select Type of Content ?

Shopping, Fashion, Lifestyle, News Update

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Science & Research, Wildlife


Technical, Gadgets

Q.3.d) Do you require an image along with Blog ?



Note : We do not write Politcal or Religious content

Reputation Building

Q.4.a) How many Directory Submission would you require per month ?

Directory Submission is the process of submitting your business information on relevant web directories on the internet.

Q.4.b) Do you require Quora for indirect leads and reputation building by answering questions matching your business profile? If yes, how many questions would have to be answered by month ?

Quora is an online platform where people asks for answers to their questions and seek information. Quora can be used to increase brand awareness and recognition amongst your audience.



Q.4.c) How many Guest Posts do you want per month ?

Guests Posts are blogs written by influential writers to increase user traffic by directing readers to your business website.

Q.4.d) How many Reviews do you want on FB, G+, Glassdoor ,etc per month ?

– Reviews add credibility and authenticity to your business and helps in increasing brand reputation through user recommendation.

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Disclaimer : Please note that the tool presents values, based on market trends and deep analysis of the various industry types. The outcomes of the tool, should only be considered as a reference/guide for your planning. Platomar does not guarantee any success in your growth or any defined outcomes, with these results, as these are just suggestive values for your planning.