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Content Calculator

Q.3.a) How many Blogs are needed per month ?

A blog is a web log or an online document used for sharing or promoting information with users on the internet.

Q.3.b) How many Keywords need to be focussed on ?

Keywords are words or phrases used by people to search for specific information, products or services on the internet.

Q.3.c) Please Select Type of Content ?

Shopping, Fashion, Lifestyle, News Update

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Science & Research, Wildlife


Technical, Gadgets

Q.3.d) Do you require an image along with Blog ?

Your blog is much likely to be read and shared online if you supplement it with relevant image(s).



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Disclaimer : Please note that the tool presents values, based on market trends and deep analysis of the various industry types. The outcomes of the tool, should only be considered as a reference/guide for your planning. Platomar does not guarantee any success in your growth or any defined outcomes, with these results, as these are just suggestive values for your planning.